Recently I took the CKAD exam, hence thought to share the experience as it was quite rewarding.

Udemy CKAD with tests Course covers all the topic to the point along with practice tests. …

It’s time for another blog post on a cool feature as the Ballerina Swan Lake beta1 was released last week. This is a pretty short post to give you a heads-up on one of the new features of Ballerina HTTP package.

HTTP client plays a significant role in the system…

This article describes how to configure the NetSuite account to use REST web services with OAuth 2.0 authentication.

Enable Web Services

The NetSuite REST web services provide an integration channel that extends the SuiteTalk capabilities. To use the services, the following features must be enabled in your account.

REST web services and OAuth 2.0 feature

  • Go to Setup > Company…

Since Ballerina 1.0 was released couple of weeks back, you must be excited and eager to know things around language. With the stable language syntax and semantics I thought of contributing a little by posting some stuff I learned and practiced through out the journey.

As topic describes, this story…

Basically forward proxy server uses to gather resources from different servers. Client is being connected to the server via forward proxy. But reverse proxy is a type of proxy server that retrieves resources on behalf of a client from one or more servers. These resources are then returned to the…

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